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Organizational Consulting, offers evidenced-based analysis that will enhance your organization’s culture and work environment. By developing programs that will provide your leaders with training, tools, and information needed to succeed for business as well as individuals.
This service will improve your organization’s productivity, culture, increase performance levels and eliminate high employment turnover. 

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Organizational Analysis is a component of training needs analysis that examines organizational goals, available resources, and the organizational environment. This service will help to determine where training should be directed to improve and design the right program for your organization’s needs.

Organizational behavior, effectiveness and development designed to help improve the individual, work environment, and the productivity within the organization. Action-oriented approach providing techniques that work to help a organization grow or change. This service will allow your ogranization focuss on the behaviors that are importantto mission and goals developed for the success of all stakeholders.

Organizational culture designed to identify the normative beliefs and shared behaviors withinthe organization that make up the organization’s understood culture. By identifying the normative beliefs and shared behaviors in the organization from which the culture is derived. This servicescan help your organization improve its overall performance in the work environment and imporve communciation between departments.

Organizational Leadership is designed to help improve the leaderships within the organization. We will work your leaders to help them identify the most important areas of the human system that contributes to the organization. The areas of the human system that are important consist of  a leader’s ability to work as a team, solve problems, and develop higher performance standards. This is accomplished through leaders undersatnding of personal humility, commiment, knowledge, skills, and personal will. This service will help imporve the human and social side to the orgnaization with the ability to build endurance.

Professional ethics training course is designed to address, develop, and train good ethics practice within an organization. In this course you will gain the knowledge on how to conduct yourself in your desired work setting, build principles of good character, and develop the highest standard of professionalism. You will also enhance your ability to be loyal to your employer, keep your word and fulfill your obligations, to be respectful, be an example of good conduct and behavior. Professional ethics will help you understand how ethics contribute to your success in your work setting, career, and home environment.

The pre-employment training prepares your potential employee, to enter your work environment based their investigation,how to research current job openings; properly fill out applications; and how to write and build an effective resume based on the posted job description, mission and goals of the organization. Career coaches will assist your potential employee with job and career assessments to determine their skill level within your organization. In addition, it equips your potential employee with interviewing skills such as job preparation, communication, proper dress, and how to follow up after the interview. The pre-employment training also provides your potential employee with techniques on how to stay on the job and how to advance their skills and knowledge to seek higher education for future growth within your organization. Pre-employment training recipients who acquire the skills will gain confidence in perusing the desired job opportunity that is readily available.  Organization that take advantage of this pre-employment training will increase the moral and grow a professional work environment that represents a healthy working culture.

Human Resource Development designed to help develop a productive HR department and team that’s equipped with current human resource policies, procedures, laws, standards and regulation. By helping your organization to develop a productive HR department and team we can improve your organization’s ability to maintain HR documents, confer with management, and resolve issues more efficiently. This will improve your organization’s overall employee and customer service experience. More importantly, this will allow you to attract the best candidates for promotion opportunities and job openings as well as improve current work environment.  

Personnel Selection Processes (PSP) designed to identify individuals that best fit your organization based on your mission, goals, and objectives to improve the effectiveness of the organization. By helping your organization design the proper PSP we can  issues that may improve your working culture.  This service will help develop knowledg, skills, and abilities (KSOAs) that are a desired match bewteen the orgnaization and the potential employee. 

Recruiting, designed to help your organization select the tools that identify the best potential candidates to fill passion as they arise. By selecting tools that fit your organizations mission, goals, and objectives we can help you minimize employee turnover. This will improve employee loyalty, moral, work environment, and the overall productivity in your organization. 


Program development is designed to help imporve the orgnaization by develping systematic process that can be implemented and evaluated regulalry. The newly designed process will help the organization establish educational programs that represents the goals, and mission of a plan that can be followed by professionals within department. Once the programs are in place the organization can identify areas that need improvement is an ongoing systematic process that Extension professionals follow as they plan, implement and evaluate their educational programs. The process is not confined to a four-year planning cycle