Our Course list

Murphys Educational Center Inc (MEC) is a leader in career development, employment counseling, organizational development, pre-employment, skill training and an employment resource center. We help you discover your true potential in life and in the workforce.  We work with you to improve your potential to gain and maintain employment that fits your chosen career path. Our courses are designed with you in mind to explore from any one of the five hundred to eight hundred skills you already possess for career path. MEC, founded in 2006, offers the finest certificate courses and career development opportunities that are available in this global economy. MEC is a hands-on educational environment that focuses on needs of men and women entering and re-entering the work force who want gain long-term employment and maintain work-life balance. In order to help men and women gain long-term employment from disadvantage worker to displaced worker to the new worker entering the workforce,  MEC has established business relationships with leading businesses to ensure that the training leads to success for each student.

Administrative Training course in designed to help you enhance your written, verbal, Organizational and communication skills that are efficient in your desired filed. In this coures you will learn the areas you are most effective in as you choose a creer path such as computer software, healthcare, and office management as well as other areas that are available to you. You can discover how to capitalizeon the skills you already posses to be successful in the work environment. 

Career Development course is designed to help you choose a career path that is right for you. In this course you will learn how to investigate career options, develop self-assessments, establish goals, and explore employment trends, This course will help you as you prepare and develop your career path through education and life experiences.

Radio & Television Production Training course is an introduction into television production. This course is designed to prepare you for an extraordinary experience in learning the role of the producer for television through the process of pre-production, production, and post-production. The areas include learning about departments and functions, television equipment, lighting, and camera positions. This course also includes hands on professional grade mock television production with editing using Adobe Premier. Students will also gain knowledge in camera, audio and video settings, direction and technical direction, as well as safety, care and maintenance. Students will create a program suitable for video and television to air on public access television.  Most importantly in this course students will gain the knowledge of editing using Adobe Premiere.  

Volunteer Training course is designed to enhance the volunteer experience as you donate your time and or efforts. In this course you will learn the benefits of your skills donation in servicing the needs of individuals in education and in the community. You will improve your ability to take on task, meet deadlines, and add meaning to your life all while servicing in areas you chose to give your time and provide your skills. MEC takes great pride in helping you fulfill your quality of life through giving back.