Our Course List

Murphys Educational Center Inc. (MEC) is a leader in career development, employment counseling, organizational development, pre-employment, skill training and an employment resource center. We help you discover your true potential in life and in the workforce.  We work with you to improve your potential to gain and maintain employment that fits your chosen career path. Our courses are designed with you in mind to explore from any one of the five hundred to eight hundred skills you already possess for career path. MEC, founded in 2006, offers the finest certificate courses and career development opportunities that are available in this global economy. MEC is a hands-on educational environment that focuses on needs of men and women entering and re-entering the work force who want gain long-term employment and maintain work-life balance. In order to help men and women gain long-term employment from disadvantage worker to displaced worker to the new worker entering the workforce,  MEC has established business relationships with leading businesses to ensure that the training leads to success for each student.`