About Us

The dedicated team at MEC Team is here to help Veterans, Senior Citizen, Young Women, “Disabled” and previously Incarcerated Individuals re-enter the workforce.

More About MEC

Murphys Educational Center (MEC) Inc., is an established 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Michigan Corporation. MEC currently provides three great services: Pre-employment Training, Career Development, and Organizational Consulting in multiple communities throughout the state of Michigan. MEC has increased its’ programs and services outside the state of Michigan.

Our Mission is to deliver quality services to disadvantage and disabled citizens seeking to enter or re-enter the job market by providing exemplary education and excellent skill training which addresses the social and educational needs of our clients and community.

We believe in the importance of high-quality employment enrichment programs that help disadvantage and disabled citizens develop skills to find employment. Through volunteer efforts of various community residents and organizations, MEC has made great strides in identifying the specific needs of the community to ensure families have the resources necessary to support their employment goals.

Since 2006 our programs serve as the foundation in meeting the community needs and acts as a catalyst to dramatically increase the number of citizens who benefit from the services of high-quality job training, employer enhancing support, career counseling and development.