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The MEC Team is here to help Veterans, Senior Citizen, Young Women, “Disabled” Individuals, and that previously Incarcerated enter or re-enter the workforce.


We help our veterans enter or re-enter the job market. Our team assists with the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life.

Senior Citizen

Our senior citizens are forced to retire but some want to learn new skills to re-enter the job market. We help them sharpen their skills.

Young Women

Our young women are empowered to gain the skills necessary to enter the job market and remain gainfully employed.

Disabled” Individuals

Our program provide the necessary skill training for clients who have mental and physical challenges to enter job market.

Previously Incarcerated

We help men and women enter the job market, while continuing to help build their self-esteem and train for new skills.

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Help & Support

We believe in the importance of high quality employment enrichment programs that help disadvantage workers find employment.