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Pre-Employment Training 
The pre-employment training prepares your potential employee, to enter your work environment based their investigation, how to research current job openings; properly fill out applications; and how to write and build an effective resume based on the posted job description, mission and goals of the organization. Career coaches will assist your potential employee with job and career assessments to determine their skill level within your organization. In addition, it equips your potential employee with interviewing skills such as job preparation, communication, proper dress, and how to follow up after the interview. The pre- employment training also provides your potential employee with techniques on how to stay on the job and how to advance their skills and knowledge to seek higher education for future growth within your organization. Pre-employment training recipients who acquire the skills will gain confidence in perusing the desired job opportunity that is readily available.  Organizations that take advantage of this pre-employment training will increase the moral and grow a professional work environment that represents a healthy working culture.